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Going further by Carrying Less

When people discover that I’m a relationship coach, they often have a variety of curious questions. 

Stuff like:

How do I get rid of old habits?

Where are all the good women and good men?

Why can’t I seem to keep a partner for more than a year?

In short, I help people get from where they are to where they want to be. As you might guess, the majority of my work centers around relationships—and that encompasses both the relationship with the self and other people.

However, on more than one occasion, I’ve uncovered through careful listening that some of my clients have an unhealthy relationship with things.

Their possessions are holding them down.

What they think they own actually owns them.

Not a fun place to be.

Want To Move Forward Faster? Lighten The Load.

We live in such an overwhelmingly consumeristic society that it’s pretty easy to acquire a bunch of “stuff”.

“Stuff” we really don’t need at all.  Quite often we look around ourselves and mutter, “how did I wind up with all this stuff“?

Or, more importantly, “why do I need all this stuff”!!??

Taking an inventory of all of our possessions and making some tough decisions (relax, sometimes they’re not that tough at all!!) to let them go…can be a deeply spiritual process.

Years ago, I did this in my own life and it was extremely liberating!

Talk about getting some freedom.

Stretch, Grow, Become

1.  Grab some pen and paper and get to writing- list all the stuff you own.  Just the simple (or in some cases not-so-simple) act of writing down all your possessions begins to illuminate what you really want to keep, and what is just taking up space.


2.  Once you get your list, ask yourself:  when was the last time you used the item?  And how long did you use it for?  For example, I had some old music gear that I hadn’t touched in over a year, and even then I had only played with it for an hour or so.

The answer was clear- time to go!!

3.  Come up with a second list of at least 10 items that you are going to “release back into the wild”.  You could sell them on Craigslist, have a garage sale, or make someones day by just giving them away!


So, why are we doing this?

What’s the benefit?

Liberate Yourself

It’s simple-when we begin the process of letting go of things we no longer needwe begin to create space for new things to come in that do serve us.

There is tremendous freedom in that.

I challenge you to take the previous action steps and see if it doesn’t make a measurable difference in the way you look at life, and at people.

Truth is, that when people change their relationship to things, their relationships with people begins to change as well—and for the better!  Please read that again- it’s key!

Change isn’t easy.  If it was, everyone would be living the dream.  Having a coach who takes people from where they are to where they want to be makes all the difference.

Copyright © 2012   Scott Milnes   All Rights Reserved

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