How To Courageously Step Into Your Dreams

It’s a peculiar and fascinating thing when a baby of any sort is born into this world. With absolutely no choice of its own, a baby is conceived.  Two specialized cells come together to form an

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Get Drunk And buy a Car lately? Probably not.

It’s interesting that with all the safeguards our society has in place, there are very few for relationships.  Let me explain.  For example, in the state of California, it is illegal and therefore non-binding to

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Are They Prepared to date you?

A while back, I was having a deep conversation with a good friend of mine. She’s a very smart woman who, in addition to many other talents, is pursuing a Ph.D in psychology. As we

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Going further by Carrying Less

When people discover that I’m a relationship coach, they often have a variety of curious questions.  Stuff like: How do I get rid of old habits? Where are all the good women and good men?

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There’s No Care like self-care

It’s amazing how busy our society has become.  Between phone calls, texts, emails, and the internet, it’s no short wonder our physical health gets put on the back-burner. But if you’re facing some type of

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